Create agreement and waiver templates that your new member has to electronically sign during the sign up process. We also included an agreement portal where you can send multiple agreements for your existing members to electronically sign. All electronically signed agreements are stored on their member profile for easy accessibility and printing, eliminating the burden of handling paper forms.
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  1. Paperless
    As your member base grows, so does the contents of your file cabinet. As soon as your file cabinet reaches its limit, you need to purchase more file cabinets. The work involved in maintaining your customer's paper agreements can be a hastle. MIS now has the capabilities of storing all your member's signed agreements electronically.
  2. Liability
    We all know that physical agreement documents have a very high chance of being misplaced, especially if you are handling hundreds of member's at a time. Losing a signed agreement can put your at risk of losing a lawsuit if an unhappy member decides to sue your business. With MIS, since every signed agreement is stored electronically, you have a better chance of not misplacing them.
  3. Go Paperless & Go Green
    When your business grows, so will the contents of your file cabinets. As soon as your file cabinet reaches its limit, more will be needed. Your work involved in maintaining paper agreements will be a hassle as a result of this. Going paperless will allow you to store all your signed agreements securely in the cloud, hence making your life easier. Your business will also be proud that it will be helping the environment with a go green approach.
  4. Decrease Your Liability With Better Storage
    If you lose a signed agreement this can legally put your business at risk. Your agreements will be stored permanently and you can easily print them straight from your member’s account.
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