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Gym Software that simplifies everything

Membership Integrity System gym software is here to help eliminate the hard work it takes to operate a growing health club gym business by giving you a robust set of tools to securely manage all of your member accounts including their memberships, schedule events like classes and training sessions, setup recurring billing, inventory management, member check in management, family member management, and much more.
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Gym Software that can be used on multiple devices

User Friendly Interface

We spent many months designing our gym membership software to be easy for any user. You do not have to be a computer expert to enjoy the many features that we have to offer. Check out some of our screen shots below to understand what we are talking about.
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  • Health Club Software Event Scheduler
  • Dashboard Charting Health Club Software
  • Reporting For Health Club Software
  • Event Check In To Your Health Club Software
  • Barcode Health Club Software Check In
  • Invoice Management Gym Software
  • Member Profile Screen
  • Family Member Gym Software Management
  • Gym Member Software Payment Management
  • Gym Software Accept Credit Card
  • Recurring Billing For You Health Club Gym Members

Fully Loaded Feature Bundle

With many user friendly gym management features, MIS is the right gym software choice for you! Simply put, it has one of the best if not the best feature to price ratio in the market.

Device Friendly!

MIS does not force you to use any specific operating system or device. Whether your gym or membership facility has a pc, a mac, a tablet or phone, you will still have access to your system as long as your device has a modern browser.
What are some advantages our gym software in the cloud?
• No more backing up data
With traditional desktop software, your data is installed physicially at your business. You would be responsible for backing up your database either in house or hiring some other company to do this. With our software, you never have to worry about your data since we securly host and backup your data for you.
• No more difficult and expensive reinstallations
With a traditional desktop system, we all know the hastles of upgrading to a new computer. You have to backup your data, reinstall the software application and then restore your data. It gets even more complicated if you have multiple computers sharing data between each other. With our system, these expensive and time consuming steps are eliminated. All you have to do is open up your browser and gain access to your data.
• Access your gym membership software anywhere with internet connection
With traditional desktop software, you are tied to how many computers have access to your network. Chances are, if you go on vacation, you will have no access to your data and are stuck away from your business until you return. With our software, you are not prisoner to this any more. As long as you have an internet connection and your device has a modern browser, you can take a vacation but not leave your gym or membership businesss behind.
• Your gym management software is always up to date
With a traditional desktop system, whenever there is a software update, chances are that there is work that you and your technician have to do. If the software update requires updates to the data schema, there is a chance that your database can become corrupted if the database updates fail. With our system, we take care of keeping the system up to date behind the scenes so you can focus on your member's needs, not your software

One Software! Any Industry!

MIS is designed to be compatible with many types of membership based industries. For example, if you had a basic gym and a dance studio together, MIS can manage both industry types from the same software at the same time. No longer will you have to work with two different software packages together. MIS has been simplifying the days of the following membership industries; fitness, dance, boxing, zumba, night club, swimming pool, tanning, massage, cross fit, church, yoga, gymnastic and many more.
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